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  About Us  

  Our Mission Statement  
"The design and distribution of good quality, fun, educational toys, that encourages parents to take an active role in their child’s education."
The Vision
The idea for TLLC originated whilst studying for a Masters Degree at Huddersfield University and so is strongly underpinned by in-depth research into socially responsible theories. Having 10 years experience in early years it was always my intention, to use the knowledge gained on the degree to develop a business that would benefit children, families and their childcare provider.
Whilst studying for the degree I worked as a consultant trainer for National Day Nurseries Association and Step in to Learning training managers of early years settings nationally. The delegates often highlighted the issues around promoting partnership with parents. The idea for the service was created as a response to the problems highlighted by managers nationally.
  The Service  
The service operates in a very simple way, through a brochure which is given to parents through their child’s care and education setting e.g. nursery, pre-school, crèche, child minder etc. The brochure provides clear information about an area of child development, which is relevant to a small collection of educational toys.
Any childcare setting can join the club which is free of charge and has absolutely no hidden costs by clicking here link to database..
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Miss D.Sheldon

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