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To order any of the toys in the collection simply download and fill in the order form and return with a cheque or postal order payable to TLLC: Order Form Word Doc.
  .Super Saxoflute 3-8yrs £10

An exciting, bright functional construction toy that fits together to build musical instruments including flute, saxophone & trumpet. All can be played as real instruments. Encouraging fine manipulative skills, concentration & creativity.

Hopscotch Mat 4+yrs £20
(200 x 95 cm)

This large hard wearing mat has been designed to ensure quality and durability. The mat is suitable for indoor & outdoor play and can be played alone or with a group. Using a range of skills children will gain an understanding of rules, use concentration and co-ordination as well as balance & numeracy skills.
  Speedball 3-8 yrs £6

This fun and easy to play game is suitable for outdoor or indoor physical play as the ball is restricted from breaking free. Strengthening upper body muscles, whilst developing concentration and team skills.

Geomag 6-9 yrs £6
42 Piece Set £15 or 96 Piece Set £30

The patented design of this strong magnetic construction kit has massive appeal to children & adults. Geomag is widely used in schools to teach laws of physics, magnetism & geometry. With thousands of combinations beautiful structures & models can be created.
  Pintoy Trike 18mths-3yrs £30

This top selling wooden trike is ideal for
toddlers to develop skills of balance, co-
ordination & gross motor skills. The simple
design has been built with quality in mind so
it is very stable and sturdy remaining in tact
even after the most challenging tests.
Snail Shade Paddle Pool

This very colourful, small paddle pool is ideal for young babies as the protective snail shade cover can be easily attached to shade baby from sun.

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